Thursday, September 10, 2015

Forsyth Cheese Feature: Les Fermiers Basco Bearnais Ossau Iraty

Come in for a free taste!

The BEST Ossau Iraty - Made from RAW Milk sheep cheese aged for over a year!!!

Les Fermiers Basco Bearnais Ossau Iraty
In 1983, fifty farmers got together to create a coop which allowed them to mature and sell their cheeses with milk from their own flock. Once the cheeses are made, they are brought to the nearest of three small affinage facilities in the neighboring valleys. There the cheeses are hand-brushed every 2-3 days to develop a natural rind and will stay till they are fully aged.
“Lou Rey” is their special designation of the highest caliber wheels of raw milk Ossau Iraty Basco Bearnais has to offer. Once the best wheels are chosen, they are singled out and aged for an additional 3-4 months for a total of almost a year of aging. Unlike industrial Ossau Iraty it is made from raw milk made during the summer months on alpine pastures. Flavors should be intense and full of savory brothy umami giving way to creamy herbaceous undertones.

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