Thursday, January 3, 2013

Feast Magazine January 2013

Feast Magazine January 2013

Every month Feast Magazine has a section called "On the Shelf".   They list beer, wine, and liquor and tell you where you can find those featured products.    We generally carry most of the products they feature and always at better prices...

January 2013 picks from Feast Magazine
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale....our price - $12.99
Compare to The Wine Merchant at $13.99

Beefeater 24 Gin...our price...$19.99
Compare to Randall's Wine and Spirits at $23.99

Orin Swift Locations E....our price - $17.99
Compare to Veritas Gateway to Food and Wine at $32

Michel Gassier Cercius Blanc....our price - $11.99
Compare to Naked Vine at $12.99

Bethlehem Valley Norton...our price - $21.99
Compare to St. Louis Cellars at $23.99

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