Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pappy Van Winkle

We have finished our Pappy Van Winkle Lottery.
If your name was selected, you would have received an email already.  
Congrats to those that were selected.

Very sorry for those that missed out.  There is so much demand and so little to go around.  

How did we select the names people have asked....
We took the sign up sheets from all 4 stores and shuffled them up into random order.  We then took 3 dice and whatever number came up, we counted down to that page.  We then rolled the dice again and counted down to that person and they got the first bottle.  We continued to roll the dice and counting from the previous person and rolled over to the next page until all bottles were gone.  
I hear next year, there will only be one release (not two anymore) and they do not plan on shipping anymore overseas.  Hopefully that means we will get one bigger release instead of two smaller releases.


Anonymous said...

Quick question. How did those that were the first two names on the sheet fair? From what you described they had no chance

Paul Hayden said...

Because after we drew the first name, we rolled the dice to continue from that point. We did not just start at the top of each sheet. We drew the first name and started counting rolled over to the next sheet sheet in line. So every name had an equal chance.