Saturday, October 20, 2012

KAH in stock at Forsyth now!

Check out these amazing hand painted bottles...
In stock at Forsyth and Ballwin now

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Kah Tequila Anejo....$51.99
Kah Tequila Reposado...$45.99

Kah - A truly unique experience, offering not only smooth sipping tequila, but an individually numbered, hand painted skull shaped bottle inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. 

Kah is an instant collector’s item, providing both superior drinkability and a stunning visual.

Kah is the only product that takes the tequila experience beyond the bottle. It’s one thing for a sprit to be “the life of the party” it’s another thing to be the spirit that represents “life” in all of its sensory glory, after all the name “Kah” literally means “life”. With extra thought and care, we designed a bottle which is not only the vessel for this ultra-premium spirit, but a statement. 

The entire theme of KAH is the celebration of Life.” Forged from artisanal materials, the skull shaped bottle is adorned with exquisite motifs drawn from Mexican history and culture and capturing the essence of life.
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Very limited, we have 4 bottles in stock at Forsyth now.
Kah Extra Anejo...$199.99
"This finely aged tequila features smooth pepper and smoky wood flavors with hints of sweet spice, vanilla, honey maple and caramel.  The savory, spice finish is long and complex.  The alcohol content and viscosity allow the components to invade the whole mouth, giving the sensation of roundness accentuation the light smokey flavor.  Premium KAH Extra Anejo is aged for 4.5 years in American oak barrels. 
The Bottle:  The Extra Anejo Limited Edition bottle, adorned with over 700 Swarovski crystals was inspired by the royal Mayan burial rituals of its royal court.  Mayan kings and royalty were placed in burial chambers richly adorned with precious stones and jewelry." -- KAH

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