Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Russian Vodka

Hammer + Sickle Russian Vodka...$23.99 / 750ml

Hammer + Sickle delivers a vodka worthy of its Russian heritage with its smooth flavor, iconic emblem and stark, icy packaging.

Hammer + Sickle is characterized by its round, smooth taste and subtle vanilla finish. Enjoy it in its purest form over ice or as an idyllic cornerstone for cocktails.

Relying on a six-time filtered six-time distilled process utilizing only the finest hand cleared winter wheat from the black earth region, Hammer + Sickle’s carefully crafted formula represents decades of premium vodka making.

Hammer + Sickle – superlative vodka for the discriminating palette.

The Hammer + Sickle bottle. An exquisite blend of craft and creativity. A mirror of the luxurious vodka.

A frosted exterior. Reflects the arctic climate of the Black Earth Region and the vodka's evolution from winter wheat.

The shape. Superior to the typical round vodka bottle.

The Hammer + Sickle bottle emulates a cube with prominent angles and edges.

Regal red accents and letterings recall Hammer + Sickle's strong Russian ties.

The Hammer + Sickle logo. A nostalgic symbol of Russian history, created in 1922. The original logo included a star.

A crossed hammer and sickle represented unity between industrial and agricultural classes.

Today the emblem evokes the nationalistic spirit of Russia and reflects the performance of modern Russian influence.

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