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Compass Box The Double Single.....$124.99

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we have brought back a small-batch whisky we first and last made in 2003. Double Single is a marriage of two single whiskies - one single malt and one single grain. The idea highlights the true virtue of blending grain whisky with malt whisky to create a truly elegant style.
The Art of Blending
What if we were to match perfectly one single malt whisky with one single grain whisky in just the right proportions? That is, what if we were to make a blended Scotch whisky with only two components, only two single whiskies rather than many? What if we were to make… a “double single”? This is the question our friends Duncan Elphick and Tatsuya Minagawa of the Highlander Inn on Speyside asked us in 2003, resulting in our first limited release bottling of The Double Single. For our 10th anniversary year, we’ve decided to bring it back.

The whiskies we’ve chosen this time: an 18 year-old malt whisky distilled at Glen Elgin distillery (76%) and a 21 year-old grain whisky distilled at Port Dundas (24%), both aged in American oak. The combination yields a full, soft palate of flavours reminiscent of pear fruit, maltiness, vanilla and crème brûlée. This whisky is a testament to the virtues of combining grain whisky
with malt whisky, a testament to the virtues of blended Scotch whisky. The grain whisky creates a lovely, soft, sweet pillow on which the malt whisky flavours luxuriate. This is just as great blended Scotch whisky should be. Share and Enjoy.

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