Tuesday, June 8, 2010


#1 Mead in the world on RateBeer -- Rated 100/100
Apis Jadwiga Mead....$41.99 / 750ml
Poltorak (see below)
"Jadwiga Mead is a Poltorak Miod Pitny, which means that is made from 3:1 proportion of honey and water. It is the riches mead with incredible intensity, aroma, and depth of flavor, balance, length and sweetness. It is mos definitely for dessert or by itself. The basket bottle is wicker with ribbons, and a metallic medallion inlay on the wax seal. The Jadwiga Poltorak Miod Pitny is the queen of all meads. No words can fairly describe its sweet, complex flavors with hints of raisins and it's huge warming effect. One must try it to believe." -- importer
Rated #4 best Mead in the world by RateBeer
Rated 98/100 RateBeer
Apis Kurpiowski Royal Mead....$19.99 / 750ml
Aged 5 years
"Kurpiowski Royal Mead is a kind of honey wine; a delicious, warming alcoholic beverage made from honey. This traditional drink originated over a thousand years ago in Northern Europe. Kurpiowski Royal mead is made from 1:2 proportion of water and honey, with black currant juice and spices added. It is a great dessert drink. Very carefully blended spices add to this mead's wondreful taste. It is aged in wooden casks for a minimum for five years. Alcohol content is between 15 to 17 percent of volume. Kurpiowski Royal Mead is a winner of many gold medals" -- importer
Mead terms:
Poltorak = 1 part honey + 1/2 part water aged at least 2 years
Dwojniak = 1 part honey + 1 part water aged at least 2 years
Trojniak = 1 part honey + 2 parts water aged at least 1 year
Czworniak = 1 part honey + 3 parts wate aged at least 1 year

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