Friday, January 30, 2009

Fresh Schlafly...

Just a note...
Arrived today at Forsyth...

Schlafly Pale Ale -- bottled 1/20/09
Schlafly Scotch Ale -- bottled 1/22/09
Schlafly Hefeweizen -- bottled 1/15/09
Schlafly APA -- bottle 1/08/09

New from Missouri --

Charleville Tripel Wit...$4.19 / 22oz

The latest release from Missouri's own Charleville. 9%ABV

"A beer experience with a true distinction, our Triple wit is a unique bottle conditioned Belgian style ale. Made from two row barley, white wheat and rolled oats. To compliment the satiating taste only found by using a traditional top fermenting yeast, coriander and oranges are added. This addition during the brewing process lends to the delicate balance of flavors between the malt hops and yeast." -- Charleville

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